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 Cross Show Cocks
Rocky Top Kelso/Grey Cock
Rocky Top Kelso/Hatch Cock
Rocky Top Hatch/Grey Cock
Rocky Top Sweater/Kelso Cock

For more Cross Show Cock Photos!!

          Cross Show Cocks . . . . . . . $300 each
(This price includes shipping box . You pay shipping charges.)
(Shipping charges on 1 cock is $65.)
(Shipping charges on 2 cocks are $95.)
(Shipping charges on 3 cocks are $120.)
(Shipping charges on 4 cocks are $150.)
Chickens will be shipped through the post office.
If you come to the farm and pick them, they are select!!

    Anytime we ship anyone show fowl, we try to select the ones that will
do the best in the particular show that the customer will be showing them in.

*Photos may be slightly lighter or darker depending on shadows and photo quality.

We usually molt over anywhere over 200 cocks,
so we usually have a good selection.

     If you have any questions, comments, or would like to purchase
something, you can e-mail us at or
call us at (601) 798-8353.

Please make money orders payable to Monica or Ronnie Amacker.
If you make the money order payable to the farm name,
it will be returned to you.

Ronnie & Monica Amacker
39 Joe Lumpkin Rd.
Carriere, Mississippi  39426

English (601) 798-8353
  Best to call between 5pm - 9pm central standard time

Spanish (346) 907-2243